The Beginning

My start was not pretty. The beginning of this journey took place inside the car of one of my best friends. I had been struggling at my small town university for a while. I hated classes, my friendships (the ones I hadn’t destroyed) were hanging on by a thread, and I had a serious problem with alcohol. I’m talking, black-out fighting drunk. To say that I don’t remember most of my junior year would not be an exaggeration. The only thing that was holding me together was acting. Theatre to be more accurate. I loved theatre. From building the stage to reading lines on it, I breathed drama like it was oxygen. So, when my friend informed me that one of my professors had asked that my name be taken off a show (I skipped his class more frequently than I attended), you can imagine the impact it had on me. I felt like I was being robbed of air.

I cried for about a day, and then I made a decision. I was going to leave college.

That decision, as it would turn out, would take me some interesting places.

Photo by Skyler J. Broughman

I made some amazing friends in college. Here are some of them.


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