A Giant State of Mind


A few of my Giants. Risto Puurunen, JK Ihalainen, Al Paldrok, Philip Luddite (my storyteller), me Tyler Krasowski, and Peter "Pepe" Rosvik.

A few of my Giants. Risto Puurunen, JK Ihalainen, Al Paldrok, Philip Luddite (my storyteller), me Tyler Krasowski, and Peter “Pepe” Rosvik.

I mentioned radical goal setting in my last post. There are many definitions for this term, but to me, it is asking for, then planning for the things you wish for in your wildest dreams. After listing my major goals (Travel to every continent, Have a New York Times Best Seller, Win an Oscar), I wrote down this phrase. BE A GIANT. I drew a picture of myself one hundred feet tall, over the trees, head in the clouds, with people climbing up my limbs. I got the idea from a quote I’d heard once. “Once we had giants. Now we’ve only dwarves”

I decided during this time, that I wanted to bring back Giants. I wanted to touch the sky. Some of my goals and priorities have shifted slightly in the last few years, but this has remained constant.

When I was in Finland, two of my friends and I climbed a little ways onto the mountain behind where we were staying. Sitting there and staring at the sky, I asked them to tell me a story. Philip was the first to speak up. He looked over the mountains and told me how they used to be Giants, but man had hated them so much that they had gone to sleep to assuage them. I gazed out and I could see faces, limbs, and bodies forming from the rock shapes. It was beautiful. I wrote a poem about it, and I want to share.

Once Upon a Time there were Giants

The earth trembled under their every step

Their laughter sounded like thunder




Love swirled out of their bellies like tornadoes sucking in everything it touched

And when they cried, their tears fell like raindrops

It made things grow

And they were big and they were kind and they were good

Then along came man

This little creature looked up at the giants without fear and hated them for their height

He called up in his little voice and said

“You cause so much trouble with your thundering voices and quaking steps.

Go away and leave us in peace”

Now, the giants didn’t know what peace was for they had never known war

But they were too big to leave

And they were too kind to ignore

And they were too good to fight

So they decided to go to sleep and make man happy

Over time they got hard and grew trees and were covered in snow and there they lay still

We call them mountains

I want to be a giant

I want to be a giant

I want to be a giant so bad

I want my footsteps to make an impact

I want my voice to reach your ears

I want my love to consume you

I want my tears to heal you

I want to be a giant

And I promise, I would not make the same mistake as my ancestors

I would not lay down, I would not rest, I would not go to sleep

I would take mankind into my bosom

I would feed them with my tears until they grew into giants too

And I would take my giant brothers and sisters and tell them

“Stand up

Take my hand, join hands

Let’s raise our booming voices in a song to wake the sleeping giants

Let’s move mountains”

Inside each and every one of us is a slumbering giant

Hardened by time and covered in snow

Wake yourself up

Shake yourself off

Step out of yourself


I don’t just want to be a giant. I want the people around me to grow with me. So take some time today to think about making your footsteps bigger. You can watch the Giants video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNP63wieISc.


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