Nail That Cover Letter with this Fill in the Blank Guide



Cover letters can be a real pain in the asking process for a job. Here’s a simple, fill in the blank guide. Simple, effective and to the point. You want a job, use this form. Personalize it to your liking, and the world is your oyster. Just copy and paste this. The format has worked for me over and over.

Introduction and interest

My name is Bob, and I’m interested in a position as an astronaut on the next space crew to Mars.

Why you want me

In the last three years, I’ve studied spaceship engineering for two reasons (I’ve done it) 1. It interests me in this way 2. It benefits me in this way. (Here’s why I did it) In my last few jobs I’ve done exactly what an astronaut on a spaceship would be expected to do. (Here’s how I did it) In return, I’ve acquired the necessary skills of astronautical things. (I’m awesome) My most important skill, however, is an ability to adapt and learn quickly. It has helped me to prepare myself for and execute every task that I’ve been given, even if it was previously outside of my scope. (I’m really awesome) In my last position, for example, I was responsible for repairing a F26B4, which was a thingamajiggy. I had never worked with thingamajiggys before, but I took a short online course and practiced and was able to learn thingamajiggys efficiently in a few weeks (Here’s this one time I was awesome).

What I’ll give you

Here’s what I can guarantee. I will put my energy and passion into the company and I will produce efficient results. In my history of employment, I have without fail been offered a promotion or pay raise during my work. I have without fail taken on extra projects, and I have without fail been given praise on my efficiency and work ethic. I work to learn, and I enjoy hard work which means you’ll be unburdened with complaints about how much I hate the job. I won’t. Although, if I don’t have a cup of coffee, this situation may change. (Yes, humor is okay sometimes, but know your audience)

Why I want you.

I want to be involved in this project, because I’ve always been fascinated with Mars (I’m interested), from the red sand to the Martians (Here’s why). As I said before, I get these benefits (What I said in the first paragraph, but rephrased). I believe I would be the ideal candidate for this position. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope to work with you soon.

Thank you,

Your name



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