Finding Mentors


I ran across an amazing article in Forbes about finding mentors. Mentors are one of your biggest assets as a professional artist and/or entrepreneur. Having a connected person who is invested in your future and present well-being is crucial to your success. But you can’t be selfish about it. Here are some tips for how to get and keep a mentor.

Know your needs and be committed

When you’re finding mentors, you are looking for someone who can help you advance. Know what you need, look for people in your field or people who have skills you need. As an artist, you want to have successful artists as mentors, but don’t limit yourself. Successful business leaders, networker, marketing experts, these can all help to advance your business. Look hard and keep looking.

Invest and be Responsible

Some of the best places to find mentors are conferences and festivals. If you can afford it, bite the bullet and attend. This is where the first point comes in. When you find a good mentor, you need to be able to explain what you need from them.

Be accountable to yourself and Others

Your mentor is invested in your success. If you don’t succeed, they’re losing on their investment. So try. Hard.

Be selfless and create opportunities for your mentor

If your mentor has a project, promote it. If they’re having trouble, try to help. Mentoring isn’t one-sided. You have  to give back.

Make the relationship endless

Don’t drop old mentors for the sake of new ones. Continue your relationships and they’ll grow deeper.

To sum up, mentors are a great asset to have for your business, your future, and your sanity. Try to get at least one good one. I’d suggest three excellent mentors in different areas of your life and business. The more the merrier. I have two artistic mentors, one business mentor and three “mutual mentors” peers, friends, or family members who hold me accountable as I do the same for them. And I’m constantly on the lookout for new mentors. You can’t put a price on wisdom, and that’s what mentors provide.

Read the Forbes article here.


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