Making Improvements

It was almost three years ago that I decided to pursue self-education and dropped out of college. I’m not glamorizing the choice. It was tough then and there are definitely some things about it that are easier (stability, connections, etc…). But, as for myself, when I was in college, I couldn’t feel myself improving. Now, almost three years later, I’ve traveled the world, developed an impressive portfolio, and I am constantly learning and improving. Learning things like Photoshop.

1381938_743777252302903_1714274986_nIt’s been the support from my family and friends (You guys) that has helped me to blossom. I’m able to live day to day creating. Now, I’m in a place where I want to keep improving. My progress in the last few months (since starting to work full time as an artist) has been amazing. My experience in graphic design is getting deeper and deeper. Look at the difference between a cover for my book a few months ago


And the one I did a week or so ago.

Heliophiliacs Cove2r

I’m working every day, hard to improve. With the support you guys give me, I’m getting better and better. So thanks guys 🙂



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