Pushing Through



Hump day, slump day. Happy Wednesday everybody. If you’re feeling anything like Sleepy Kitty and friends, read on for my top five tips for getting through a slump.

1. Just Do It

That thing that you’re putting off, right now, while you’re reading my blog. Finish reading this post (because I’m selfish that way) then go do it. No, you don’t need to check your email again. No, you don’t need to check notifications on facebook. You’re not hungry. You don’t have to pee. You need to do that thing.

2. Planning makes Perfect

If I was wrong in step one, and you don’t have anything to put off, then your slump is a little more serious. Take out a notebook, or a napkin if you don’t have a notebook, and write down what you want. Don’t panic, this seems daunting. Start material and work your way up. I want new make-up, I want a new bike, I want a nice house, I want three kids, I want to go to Rome. Eventually, you’ll find your way to what you really want and in the meantime, you can work towards smaller goals to get a little pep in your step.

3. Just Do It

Seriously. Stop stalling.

4. Change Settings

If you’re at a desk job, ask your boss if you can work remotely for a day. If you work from home, work from a coffee shop. If you work doing manual labor, take a day off and walk around, do the work that needs to be done at home. A change of pace, breaking up the routine, is often just what you need to pick your spirits up. And Finally…

5. Just Do It.

Go, now.


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