My Trip to the Edge of the Earth (Or why leaving your comfort zone gets you where you want to be)

It had been a long day. I was on tour with Non Grata and we’d been in the van for a few days by that time. The thing about a tour is that lulls are deadly. Everyone manages to get along when everything is hectic and you’re jumping from place to place, but take couple of days of down time, and the whole family’s at each other’s throats. This was one of those days.

We were going to the edge of the world. Or so they call it. The northernmost place in Eurasia at the edge of the Arctic Sea. We’d had good weather all the way North, bringing the sun with us wherever we went, but our luck changed when we got there. Bickering all the way, we finally arrived as far North as you could physically go. IT WAS FREEZING! I climbed down the rocks, wanting to have a moment to myself. The stones were huge. I didn’t have on the right shoes for climbing (or for walking, they were completely falling apart), but I wanted to touch the water. After a shaky trek down, I reached the freezing water and dipped my hand in. It may have been the temperature that sent a rush through my body, but I suddenly felt alive with the fact that I had come to the edge of the earth. I kissed the water with the tips of my fingers. The feeling was completely overwhelming.

And when we went back up to take photos, the elements let loose. Storm, cold rain. All of our bickering ended and in the face of this ridiculously uncomfortable situation (most of us didn’t have the right clothes for an Arctic storm) we started laughing and teasing each other. We were having fun!

I say all this to say, when you’re bored, life sucks. Every small thing becomes a big deal. You’re tense and grumpy and stuck. But when you step out of your comfort zone and do something great, the biggest storm becomes a joke and you can laugh in the face of your problems. It’s a new year guys. DO SOMETHING. Anything you do, any change you make, will teach you more than standing still ever could.



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