Hey Everybody,

I’m writing this post from a coffee shop outside of Sacramento. We’ve been hopping through cities, cuddled up in a truck with Eric, a printmaker/ performer I met in Estonia last year and David who owns a small press called Broken River Books. The tour is going great. We did an explosive performance last night in Davis.

Updates for my other projects:

Dante skyrocketed last month to the 7th spot monthly, 45th of all JukePop time! Two months in, I’m really proud of it. The characters and plot are taking me some interesting places, and I love watching them grow more complex.

Girl And Pipe

As for Heliophiliacs, we’re about to go into super promotion mode. I’ll be sending it out to publishers at the end of the month, so I’m stoked about it. This project has been over two years in the making, so I’m more than excited to have a final copy of it that I can hold in my hands and send out. Awesome. 





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