About Originellity

Photo by Jade Pangilinan

Photo by Jade Pangilinan

Originellity is a diary and a guidebook rolled into one and tied together with balloons. It contains my musings and updates on my life, but it also gives advice and tips to those who are seeking them. The mains parts are:

getsmART: A series of tools and guides to help artists become self-sufficient and business minded. Networking, business plans, radical goal setting, these are important skills to learn, but frankly, they can be tedious. I’m here to try to take a little of the sting out.

LoveHarder: Stories about how love and freedom have changed my life, and advice on how to apply these ideals to yours. I’m not a wiseman, but I know how to make people happy. So come on and get some love.

Diary and work: And then of course, there are the uncategorized ravings of my mind. These will mostly be behind the scenes of the projects that I’m working on, because that’s usually where my mind is. If you want to see how my process works, come check in from time to time.


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