The Beauty of Unknowing

I don’t know what I’m doing. There, I said it. And so has every self aware person in the history of time. One of the facts of life is that we get a limited time to figure out what it’s all about, and most of us don’t. Those that do try to pass along their […]


Hey Everybody, I’m writing this post from a coffee shop outside of Sacramento. We’ve been hopping through cities, cuddled up in a truck with Eric, a printmaker/ performer I met in Estonia last year and David who owns a small press called Broken River Books. The tour is going great. We did an explosive performance […]

Hella Smart Dawg: Let’s Talk About It

“Ay yo, but for real though, what I’m saying is x da same as negative b, you know, plus or minus the square root of b squared. Subtract four ac and you done homie. That’s that quadratic shit right there” Didn’t sound smart, did I? I didn’t think so. That’s because we have a tendency […]

Fuck Color Blind Casting: Let’s Talk About It

        Color blind casting is one of those terms we throw around haphazardly. It seems like a beautiful and noble idea, right. “I’m not even going to pay attention to color. I’ll just cast who I cast”. Well, I call bullshit. Color blindness is unrealistic and in media, it leads to the […]

Brain Exploding Excitement

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY!!! I’ve been trying to update everyone via Facebook, but the good news is streaming too fast, so here’s my week in a link filled update of awesometasticness, followed by some links to my friends’ awesometasticness, followed by a very cute motivational cat picture. 1.The music video I modeled in for […]

My Trip to the Edge of the Earth (Or why leaving your comfort zone gets you where you want to be)

It had been a long day. I was on tour with Non Grata and we’d been in the van for a few days by that time. The thing about a tour is that lulls are deadly. Everyone manages to get along when everything is hectic and you’re jumping from place to place, but take couple […]

I’ve Got Seoul!

Hey Friends, This year has been another whirlwind! In honor of the New Year, I’ll be doing a series of posts about my biggest adventures of the year, starting with my latest journey to South Korea. Here goes! I arrived in the airport in Seoul like I usually arrive to another country. A little broke, […]

Being Your Best Self

I’ve never understood why the phrase “Be Yourself” always begins with the word “just”. Just, be yourself man. Not just. See, yourself is awesome. It may not be awesome every moment of every day, but you’re a unique individual with a unique potential and something to give the world. This isn’t just heart talk. This […]

Pushing Through

  Hump day, slump day. Happy Wednesday everybody. If you’re feeling anything like Sleepy Kitty and friends, read on for my top five tips for getting through a slump. 1. Just Do It That thing that you’re putting off, right now, while you’re reading my blog. Finish reading this post (because I’m selfish that way) […]