Brain Exploding Excitement


I’ve been trying to update everyone via Facebook, but the good news is streaming too fast, so here’s my week in a link filled update of awesometasticness, followed by some links to my friends’ awesometasticness, followed by a very cute motivational cat picture.

1.The music video I modeled in for COLOR WAR was released.

I had so much fun on this shoot. The band is amazingly talented as is the Director, Julia Ngeow and the set designer, the one and only Ventiko the Photographer.

2. My new story, Tia was accepted at JukePop


Part teenage coming of age, part sci-fi, all awesome. Tia’s my new story about an abused, chain-smoking teenager who is left with super-powers after a violent event. You can check out the story at JukePop. I love the cover. It’s one of my favorite photographs I’ve taken.

3. Dante scaled the ranks on JukePop


I put out a call and you guys answered! After putting up a facebook campaign for votes, Dante climbed from the #376 serial on JukePop to the #115 spot. With more than 90 votes and 17 people adding the story to their bookshelves, I’m astounded by the encouragement and support of this project. Thanks guys. If you want to check out the new chapters, you can go to JukePop or visit my JPTop30 page to see sketches and sneak peeks.

4. Published a guest post on PeriOd


Eames Armstrong is a major force in curation in Washington D.C. and a general B.A.M.F in life. She started a blog called PeriOd a while back that documents and explores the meaning of fleeting art forms, i.e. performance art, conceptual art, etc… I was completely honored to do a post about one of my favorite experiences of performing in Brussels with NonGrata. The article is short, to the point and picture heavy, just like I like them 🙂 Here’s the link; the article is called Dancing through Alternate Realities.

5. Launched a new website for writing/ illustration projects


Originelle Design and Productions is the tool for my stories to come to life. Mixing my writing with a new illustration style (a blend of drawings, graphic design, photography, and collage) I’ve put up the new website with my five primary projects at the moment, all in different stages of editing, writing, and publishing. Dante and Tia, mentioned above are featured. Along with my National Novel Writing Month winner Heliophiliacs, a book of poetry written over a year on the move called Giants, and a black comedy about Witches for Hire called Hekse. Click here to check out Originelle Design and Productions.

And last, but certainly not least:

6. Performance featured in Korean Article

unnamed (2)

Usually, I don’t get excited about press, but when we performed in Korea, there was an element of pressure to conform. Entertainment and nice gentle performances were encouraged and anything remotely political, provocative, or boundary pushing was discouraged or in more extreme cases stopped or cancelled. When we did our final performance with Non Grata, it was a protest for artistic freedom, and this article really reassured me that our point had gotten through. It’s called Non Grata: A Reminder of True Art.

So that’s been my excellent, phenomenal, brain explodingly awesome week in a nutshell. But, I’m not the only one being amazing.

My friend Lauren Fernandes launched her website this week. Masque: Makeup and Body Painting for Unique Skin. She’s awesome. Boudoir painting, zombie make-up, glamour, you name it, she does it. And she does it well. Visit her site here.

Lindsay Mound, in addition to being the lead singer in that awesome COLOR WAR video you just saw, was featured in Aritzia for her New Years TAPestry (an interactive illustrated story that you tap to read). It has great advice and amazing illustrations. Mound holding it down. Check out the article HERE or her website HERE.

And Julia Ngeow, previously mentioned director of the COLOR WAR video is moving to New York this week from as far as you can physically get from New York (Perth, Australia). She is an amazing director (I mean, check out that video. Am I right) and she’ll be looking for opportunities to film, so check out her site and her videos and hit her up.

And just to wrap it up. Go for it this week! Be awesome. Because KittyChill says “You got this bro”



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